Spoken into the Void


Years ago I picked up a collection of essays by Viennese architect Adolf Loos, simply entitled Spoken into the Void.   That’s pretty much how I feel posting on the Internet.  I had kept a blog going on blogger for 8 years, which at one time drew a fair number of readers but had become an echo chamber.  It gets pretty lonely inside your head.  Hopefully, I will have more luck here at Word Press.

I’m expanding my thoughts and range and trying to steer away from politics for the most part, which may have been one reason readers lost interest.  We all can’t be as witty as John Oliver or as informed and articulate as Bill Moyers.  In between there are thousands upon thousands of would-be pundits trying to come up with the best zinger or insight that they hope will be picked up by the mainstream media.

Instead, I will focus on my odd collection of travels, what I’ve picked up along the way, sharing my thoughts on this strange world we have built for ourselves and what kind of future there lies beyond it.  I will be going backward and forward and more often than not sideways in these posts.

We’ll start with where I am now — Vilnius, Lithuania.  That’s a picture of a small square near where I work in the Old Town of the city.  The sculpture is of Laurynas Gucevičius, a prominent eighteenth-century architect.  The small church behind him is Šv. Kryziaus, one of my favorites.  It was supposed to be much larger but time and finances conspired against it, so we are left with this lovely little church, no bigger than a chapel, administered (if that’s the right word) by the Bonifrate Order.


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